Started as an initiative to fulfill the need of firefighting and forestry equipment especially in Indonesia where haze and forest fire have become a national problem.

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As an exploration in product design and architecture I have been working on an idea for a product profile. Thoroughly challenging thinking through the product design but ultimately rewarding.




I helped Sunlitex to launch a complete overhaul of their digital presence and branding. I provided a responsive website design, updates to the brand standards, data visualization, photography and a WordPress back-end for management. Sunlitex is headquartered in Pekanbaru, Indonesia and is a big time player in the Fire Fighting & Forestry Equipment industry.




Projects: CV. Sunlitex

Year: 2016

Client: CV. Sunlitex

Deliverables: Website, Mobile Website, Logo, Business Card

Expertise: Interactive, Branding

Sunlitex provide a dynamic portfolio of firefighting and forestry equipment as a solution to their client. They insist on good customer experience thus let them know how they could help to deliver an exceptional customer experience and to fulfil their customers needs.

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